Passive Income Via Yield Farming...

If you are looking for generating easy and passive income with DeFi, look no further. You found your low risk, passive and reliable source of income!

100% on-chain

You can see in real time how your money is perfoming

Easy exit

Your money is stored in a custodial vault which only you are in control of

Start from 500$

No high minimum investment needed


We have no access to your funds

ADAM is a leading firm in the digital assets space focused on income-generating strategies based on delta-hedged strategies.

How do we minimize risk?


Trading Strategy

Utilize centralized and decentralized custom solutions to balance out on-chain positions


Active Risk Management

Intelligently hedge and protect against the risk of volatility and price movement


Smart Portfolio Structure

Permanently ongoing strategy development to optimize sustainable returns and passive income generation

What are we providing for you?

Sustainable passive income

Delta-hedged strategies make it possible.

Our aim is to provide investors the possibility to invest in DeFi based opportunities that generate sustainable and regular passive income without needing to speculate.

ADAM advises its clients on how to participate in actively managed delta-hedged strategies in the DeFi space, which generate predictable returns while minimizing risks by not taking simple directional exposure in the market.

Our in-house developed trading strategies identify and use opportunities within the digital assets space and DeFi infrastructure such as yield farming or providing liquidity combined with dynamic hedging to generate predictable US Dollar based income, while keeping market exposure neutral and the risk to a minimum.

This new reality of financial innovation is made possible through blockchain technology and it will eventually grow out to be a global financial system of its own. A global financial system which allows anyone to participate and to contribute to it in a decentralized way and to be rewarded for that accordingly. Our vision is to build the bridge between the traditional and the decentralized financial world.

The team behind ADAM

Our team is full-time invested in the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We manage our ADAM funds daily to stay on top of new developments within the industry, so you can be the first to benefit.


Director of Digital Assets Strategy

Alexander has more than 10 years of professional experience in various senior roles in the traditional financial industry. Starting with dealing and risk desks and liquidity+bridge setups in a senior role at a Munich-based German private bank, to developing and trading proprietary trading algorithms specializing in arbitrage and market-neutral trading. Alexander has also won the award for “Best Macro Manager” from the prestigious Hedgeweek in New York and is a perfect fit as Head of Trading for the strategy execution of ADAM. Furthermore, as a digital assets enthusiast, he is also the initiator behind the trading strategy and is actively invested and trading it as his main profession.


Director of Customer Relationship & Sales

Markus is an entrepreneur by heart and already successfully built an e-commerce empire. He is crypto enthusiast and has a long history of arbitrage trading with crypto and is experienced with various other trading strategies. Markus takes the role of Customer Relationship Director and brings forward Sales with his years of experience as Sales Man and Trader.


Director of Business Development

IT & Management Consultant with extensiv experience in Crypto and Software Solutions. Founded, managed and advised companies in Germany, Sweden, Cyprus and Austria. Sören has a strong Consulting background but quickly realized that decentralized asset management is the inevitable future for investments and a game changer for transparency in the crypto industry. Sören takes on the role of Director of Business Development and supports Sales & Marketing.

Our historical performance visualized…

In February 2023 we finally went live with our on-chain solution. We keep our track record now visible on our investor dashboard. This has the benefit that it is live, on-chain and 100% traceable for our investors.

ADAM´s historical track record started on 01.09.2021. To explain the chart above we will go into the details here:

We created a scenario where an initial investment of $100.000 made at 01.09.2021 is tracked based on it´s performance measured in USD.

In orange the bitcoin (BTC) performance is traced and measured in USD, as an investor would have spent $100.000 initially to buy bitcoin. The value of this investment by end of January 2023 would be $49.130.

In purple our ADAM performance is traced and measured in USD, as an investor would have spent $100.000 initially to buy into ADAM´s market-neutral DeFi strategy. The value of this investment by end of January 2023 would be $164.033.

ADAM outperformed bitcoin by 334%!

In green the percentages made each month by ADAM´s strategy are shown. There is no negative month! ADAM returned profits every single month. The peak performance (in terms of percentage) was November 2021, where ADAM made 11,56% in a single month, followed by January 2023 with 10,30% in a single month!

The green line shows the trendline in performance.


ADAM – Advanced Digital Asset Management